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X-IPM Technology is a wide bandgap power device and module design company (Fabless) founded by senior overseas Doctor of power semiconductors, market elites in the power supply industry and a group of young professionals with entrepreneurial dreams.

Since its establishment, X-IPM Technology has been deeply engaged in the R&D, design and sales of power devices such as third-generation semiconductor GaN, SIC, IPM modules, etc., and the products are widely adopted in power electronics fields such as consumption, photovoltaics, energy storage, and automotive. 

X-IPM Technology was rated as a Cutting-Edge Power Device Brand in 2022 by Century Power Network, and is also The Most Investment-Worthy Enterprise and GaN Top Ten domestic brands in 2022.

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We are committed to making electronic products more economical and practical through semiconductor technology, together for a better world.
We insist on pioneering technological innovations in the power semiconductors field, making semiconductor technology become a ubiquitous part of electronics.
Our products could significantly improve the efficiency of power management, accurately sense and transmit data while provide core control or processing during the design.
5G Communication Power Supply
Due to the large power consumption of communication equipment, the 5G base station adopts an electrical cabinet composed of power sockets, AC and DC power distribution, lightning protectors, rectifier modules and monitoring modules. Therefore, as the name implies, 5G power supply refers to the backup power supply of 5G communication equipment.
Electric bicycle refers to a vehicle that uses batteries as auxiliary energy sources on the basis of ordinary bicycles, and is equipped with control parts such as motors, controllers, batteries, handlebars, and display instrument systems.
Charging Pile
Charging pile refers to the charging device that provides energy supplement for electric vehicles, its function is similar to the fuel dispenser in the gas station, can be fixed on the ground or wall, installed in public buildings (public buildings, shopping malls, public parking lots, etc.) and residential parking lots or charging stations, and can charge various models of electric vehicles according to different voltage levels.
Household / Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage
Industrial and commercial photovoltaics are divided into two categories according to demand, for commercial and large industrial users, spontaneous self-consumption of electricity could be achieved through photovoltaics supporting energy storage. And for commercial buildings, hospitals, schools and other scenarios, peak shaving and valley filling effect could be achieved by installing non-photovoltaic supporting energy storage systems. Household energy storage systems are generally composed of energy storage systems and photovoltaic modules. At present, the household energy storage system market is mainly dominated by the split machine of energy storage battery + inverter, but the development trend of the high-end market is an integrated machine.
PD Fast Charge
PD fast charging (Power Delivery) is a new fast charging technology in the USB connector, which has wake-up, intelligent negotiation, safety settings and real-time monitoring functions during use, which will achieve lower loss, higher efficiency and safer power transmission during the charging process.

PD fast charging technology could connect multiple devices using a single wire, automatically adjust the charging power according to the power identification function of the device, and use scalable communication technology to achieve flexible fast charging. This means that multiple devices are better charged by a single port, enabling driverless and free charging, i.e. multiple devices could be charged without any software or driver support.
Industrial / Plant Lighting
LED drive power supply is a power converter that converts the power supply into a specific voltage and current to drive LED light. Usually, the input of LED drive power includes high-voltage power frequency AC ( ie, mains ), low-voltage DC, high-voltage DC, low-voltage high-frequency AC ( such as the output of electronic transformer ), etc. The output of the LED drive power supply is mostly a constant current source that can change the voltage with the change of the LED forward voltage drop.。
PV Inverter / Micro Inverter
1KW GaN-based inverter solution (jointly developed by X-IPM and Renesas)

The inverter in the photovoltaic system refers to the inverter part of the solar photovoltaic system, and its function is to convert the direct current produced by the solar panel into the alternating current used by the household. Inverter PV can also support grid power supply and spontaneous self-consumption mode, energy saving and environmental protection, bringing more convenience to users.
Server Power
The server power supply refers to the power supply used on the server ( POWER ), which is a switching power supply like the PC ( personal computer ) power supply. The server power supply can be divided into ATX power supply and SSI power supply according to the standard. ATX standard is widely used, mainly for desktops, workstations and low-end servers. The SSI standard is produced with the development of server technology, which is suitable for various grades of servers.
Battery Electric vehicle (BEV) refers to a vehicle powered by an on-board power supply, driven by a motor to drive the wheels, which meets the requirements of road traffic and safety regulations. Due to its relatively small environmental impact compared to conventional cars, its prospects are widely promising.
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